Experiencing joy should be a central part of daily life.

Experiencing joy should be a central part of daily life.

Instead, people often find themselves just going through the motions, while neglecting their true emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

Hi! I’m Michelle.

Thanks for checking out my website. I know you’re probably super busy, and I suspect that might be part of the problem. I mean…c’mon…you probably found me by searching for life coach, wellness consultant, problem solver, mess fixer, guru or some such title.

That brings me to the “what exactly do you do, Michelle?” part. Well…it’s taken me a while to put a finger on what I do. So, here’s the breakdown:

Uber-professional-sounding things I do:

  • Lawyer – I don’t really practice much any more, but, I was pretty good at it
  • Diversity and Inclusion Trainer
  • Lifestyle Strategist – fancy alternative to the “life coach” title…I hate the “life coach” title!
  • Wellness Consultant – this one covers a lot! Stress management, personal training, fitness coaching…anything that helps one be well…duh!
  • Motivational Speaker

What I REALLY do:

  • Walking, talking SUNSHINE! Yep, that’s a real title. . . because I say so.
  • Observer of ALL (okay, most) things
  • Synthesizer of Information 
  • “Tough stuff” Tackler
  • Your Biggest Cheerleader (aside from your mom, if you’ve got a great mom)
  • Stellar Listener
  • Presenter Extraordinaire – I’ve been told I could present the phone book and get people excited about it…seriously

Basically, I do a lot! I have quite a few skills, gifts and experiences that I draw on to help people live beautiful, successful, fulfilling lives. I know…it sounds a little loosey goosey, maybe a little “pie in the sky.” Don’t get it twisted…what I do is real deal. It is assessment, issue spotting, discussion, goal setting, strategizing, execution and review.

My Meanderings

This life I live and how I got here…I pay it forward TO YOU!
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  • I always struggled with motivation. I found the encouragement to succeed with Michelle. Her positive reinforcement and valuable insights helped me discover the drive and desire to be my best.

  • As a single mother and business owner, I felt like I was constantly scrambling. Michelle helped me get back on track. Thanks to her personal guidance, stress management and fitness plan, I’m now on the path to a happy and balanced life.